Studying + Coffee (+ I’d love to have your babies)


[Prompt list]: Megane-kun (Someone Secretly Wears Glasses) AU

[Summary]: Katara waits in a coffee shop for her devastatingly attractive study partner. 

Katara is nervous.

She hates the feeling, the way her limbs thrum with nervous energy. She drums her fingers on the coffee table, tapping her boots on the floor. It feels like she’s fifteen and on her first date (another feeling she really hates). She glances at her phone again; minutes are practically inching by. He wasn’t supposed to be late. But she’s been here for twenty minutes and her study partner—the devastatingly handsome guy she’s crushed on since the first week of class—has decided to be a lousy no-show.

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sybil, matthew: the colour of whiskey changes with the light


Note: From a request by anon for a one sided Matthew/Sybil, though this is also probably as close as I am going to get to a Mary/Matthew story as well. This might be slightly AU depending on the Christmas special: I’ve written it as if Mary marries Carlisle.

Also, this is my first time writing Matthew, and he’s probably a bit ooc to some of his fans. But I’ve written him as having a drinking problem so him being out of character isn’t too far-fetched, really.

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This country strives to crush her as surely as if it’s a living, thinking entity, she believes that with every pulse of her heart and expansion of her lungs. She grew up being told that the nations had hearts, not minds—but what aside from a malignant brain could coax such sticky heat from the air, heat to have her hair bursting out of its braid, heat to coax layers of sweat out of her pores to sit on her skin? What but pure malice could surround her with doll-pale nobles and buzzing words in a language so sharp and foreign and unknowable?

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Zutara Month—Fight


A/N: Here is the smutty sequel, and second installment, in my Assassin AU. Expect two more installments for this AU. Hope everyone enjoys. ;)

The Assassin AU: 1, 2

Rated M for pure smut.


Katara has blood splattered against her cheek.

Zuko can barely focus on the task at hand. The waterbender has buried a long, sharp, and deadly icicle into the neck of a known crime lord. They can hear the footsteps of his partners in the business sprinting up the stairs. Zuko glances at Katara and she nods, and they’re both on the roof and darting away before the icicle can even melt.

She was right. They make an excellent team.

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clara/twelve fic: but we’re so happy [1/2]


Rory glances back just before the door shuts, and all he sees are the Doctor’s hands cupping Clara’s face and his mouth pressing urgently against hers, almost like he can’t remember how to breathe without the air coming directly from her lungs."We met in a mosh pit," the Doctor says, smirk as amused as ever. [punk rock au. 9k words. based off this mix of the same name. amy/rory, hints of rose/ten. from the outside looking in; so, maybe river’s right. people always stare at what they can’t touch.]

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